Netflix Helped Me Get Over My Fear of F*cking Up

It always works out.

Stacey Herrera


I have been a Netflix subscriber since 2001. Back then, there was no such thing as streaming. So if you wanted to watch a movie, you had to select it online and then wait for it to arrive via snail mail, then return it by mail when you were done. Once Netflix received the movie back, they would automatically send out the next movie in your cue.

All that back and forth mailbox stuff may seem a bit cumbersome, but I liked it!

Of course, now things are different. I can watch as many movies as I want, any time — day or night. The trouble is, I find myself doing far too more scrolling than watching.

It would seem that finding something to watch would be easier now that there are so many choices at my fingertips, but that’s not how choice works.

You may have been led to believe that more choices mean greater FREEDOM.

But the truth is too much choice is paralyzing.

The more choices you have, the harder it is to make a decision.

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to decide what to eat. What to wear, or what you want to do with the rest of your life.

What does matter is that you choose.

You don’t need to be very concerned about making the right decision because you can’t fuck it up.

Seriously, YOU CAN’T FUCK IT UP.

Life happens in exact order. No matter what you decide, you will always get what you need. And if you don’t like what shows up, you can always change your mind.

I know it’s easy for me to say that. But what if we’re not talking about binge-watching the boob tube until your buttocks go numb? What about the hard choices?

What do you do when the choice you have to make impacts your entire life?

You choose anyway.

You use what you know, and you make a decision.

And if it doesn’t turn out the way you want it to, that’s okay because you will always get exactly what you need, exactly when you need it — without exception.



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